Text Ferret uses the latest AI technologies to measure the level of people's engagement in community issues. Text Ferret has been developed since 2014 and is used extensively by a number of New Zealand local and central government agencies.

Government agencies have used Text Ferret in the following areas:

External domain

What are people saying about the issue or crisis itself?

Internal domain

What are people saying about what the Government is doing about a certain issue or crisis.

Here's an example from a business agency:

With the onset of COVID-19 the NZ government had no way of determining the impact of this emergency on NZ small businesses.  The Better for Business team turned to Text Ferret to provide a daily monitor on how small businesses were coping through each stage of the lockdown. 

Here's how it looked:


Text Ferret was shared widely within NZ government and it became a staple daily information source to support decision making at Ministerial level during the crisis.

"We were stuck.  The COVID-19 situation was changing fast - each day there were new issues emerging and old issues fading.  We needed to know what was happening for our SMBs  and our traditional research was just not going to cut it.  We turned to Text Ferret as it provided the ability to assess the impact on COVID-19 for NZ SMBs in near realtime.  Text Ferret is a pivotal information source and is being used for decision making to the highest levels within the NZ government".  

Paul Nalder, Insights Strategist, Better for Business

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